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Product description

Roller shutter gates are intended for use in commercial facilities, production and storage rooms as well as in garages. Their design allows you to save space inside the garage.

Rolling gates consist of aluminum profiles rolled up in a box located above the gate opening. Gate profiles are made of thicker aluminum tape than roller shutter profiles. The armor is made of aluminum profiles filled with polyurethane foam, provides good protection against heat loss.


Advantages of roller shutter doors


  • ideally suits objects with a small access area to the garage or when entering from the sidewalk
  • enables convenient installation in garages with low ceilings
  • weather resistance
  • the possibility of using mechanical control
  • wide range of colors


  • 45° box

Guiderails system AR-55

Guiderails system AG-77


  • RC 205    BxH 189 x 189
    RC 250/S    BxH 227 x 230
    RC 250    BxH 197 x 222
    RC 300    BxH 221 x 273


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