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Product description

A unique model of bioclimatic pergola, characterized by integrated screen / zip vertical sun visors.

The pergola posts have integrated guides. The upper structure hides the screen fabric rolling system, as invisible as the guide rails.

Impressive maximum dimensions reaching up to 7.0 x 7.0 m, flat roof lammels equipped with LED lighting, water drainage and full automation place this product among luxury items that will change the quality of your rest in the garden or on the terrace.









General information

  • Lamellen


  • Lamellen

  • Opening

    opening amplitude of the lamellas

Standard colors:

  • Beams and supports:
    RAL 7016 Structural color


  • Lammels:

    RAL 9016 Mat


Method of operation

  • Lammels closed

  • Lammels 45° opened

  • Lammels 125° opened

  • Lammels 90° opened

Pergola presentation

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